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Suppliers of Trim Waste Removal Systems
Web Dynamics
Trim Rewinder TR400 Trim Rewinder
Portable rewind unit designed to wind 2 layers of trim from a printing or slitting machine into a dense, compact cylinder.
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Bimec's range of Trim Waste Removal Systems is not yet available on the web. Please contact Web Dynamics for details of their complete product range.
Grafisk Maskinfabrik
Trim Shredder GR80 Trim Shredder
Combi Shredder GR80K Combi Shredder
Waste Removal Unit SU-3 Waste Removal Unit
The SU-3 was designed to convey pressure sensitive trim from slitters of almost any make to a waste bin.
Max. Trim Width: 20mm
Max. Trim Extraction Speed: 200m/min

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