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Multapex Install Bimec TMA Continuous Core Cutter
17 May 2009
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Bimec’s TMA automatic core cutter has taken the effort out of core production at Multapex (NSW).

Faced with increased core requirements prior to the installation of a new high-performance Bimec STS slitter rewinder, Multapex chose the TMA core cutter for its high degree of automation and the quality of Bimec’s design.

The newly installed core cutter automatically loads new cores from a built-in core hopper (pictured below). Combined with core yield optimisation software and touchscreen control interface the TMA offers set-and-forget functionality for high volumes of cores.

The TMA is available in maximum core lengths of either 2100 or 3100mm and can be equipped for core diameters from 70 to 152mm.

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