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1000th Bimec Installed at Spicers Paper
16 April 2008
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Spicers Paper recently installed the latest generation Bimec STM/83 duplex slitter rewinder in their Sydney distribution centre.

Spicers Paper have successfully introduced this machine to complement their paper distribution. The Bimec STM/83 has equipped them for larger capacities, higher quality production and faster deliveries.

This installation also represents Bimec's milestone 1000th machine. With the breadth of experience gained from a thousand machines in production internationally, Bimec are now amongst the most advanced manufacturers of duplex slitter rewinders in the world.

More than ninety Bimec slitter rewinders are installed in Australia and New Zealand, making Bimec and Web Dynamics the leading choice for all the major converters in this region.

The STM/83 installed at Spicers Paper features maximum production speeds of 500m/min, high capacity 800mm rewind diameters with integrated roll unloading, time-saving differential rewind shafts, rewind safety mat and unwind safety bar.

"We couldn't be happier with the machine. It has enabled us to get into markets we couldn't approach before and has exceeded our expectations." Ian Winters, NSW Regional Manager, Spicers Paper, pictured above (left) with Keith Gillard, Web Dynamics (right).

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