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PW 300 Centre Rewinder

Centre Rewinder

The Goebel Senntech PW 300 is a low cost manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic centre winder which is designed for converting materials like inkjet paper, self adhesive label stock, pressure sensitive material, plotter paper, gift wrap and much more.

The slitter rewinder runs coreless or with cores (1" to 3") with a maximum width of 80 inches.

All the operator has to do is to load the paper. The machine wraps the material around the shaft with no tuck or glue. A cross cutter cuts the material and the flap is closed with either glue or tape. The roll is then ejected automatically out of the machine to a collecting table or as an option to a packaging line.

Coated paper, uncoated paper, SD/inkjet/thermal paper, flexible laminates, self-adhesive laminates

Maximum rewind diameter: 300mm
Maximum unwind diameter: 1500mm
Maximum web width: 2000mm
Maximum speed: 500m/min

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