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PNTS Range of Automatic Core Cutters

Range of Automatic Core Cutters

The PNT100S, PNT160S and PNT200S are automatic core cutters providing high precision feeding and cutting of cardboard cores at high speeds. They are available in three lengths for cardboard cores of a maximum length of 1000mm, 1600mm and 2000mm respectively.

Cutting speed: Maximum 40-70 cores cut per minute (subject to core size and material)
Cardboard core diameters: 25.4 - 152.4mm (1-6")
12.5-25mm available with special equipment
One adaptor set for each diameter
Material thickness: Maximum 15mm

The PNTS Range offers high precision cutting of cores of optional lengths and sizes. The switch over from job to job is easily done within a few minutes.


  • User friendly touch display with current production updates.
  • Automatic adjustment of machine operations to the selected core size and wall thickness
  • Automatic or manual adjustment of the speed according to the core diameter
  • Automatic opening and closing of safety guard
  • Integrated support menu
  • Error messages appear in clear text, which allows for prompt fault finding and correction
  • Service friendly design requiring minimum maintenance
  • 1/10 mm or 1/100 inches operation
Video: PNTS Automatic Core Cutter (4.2Mb).
Video: PNTS Automatic Core Cutter - Adaptor Change (5.9Mb).
This download requires Windows Media Player.

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