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Grafisk Maskinfabrik

PN Range of Automatic Core Cutters

Range of Automatic Core Cutters

The PN100, PN160 and PN200 are automatic cutters where the feeding and the cutting of cardboard cores are carried out with precision at high speeds. The machines are available in three lengths for cutting of cardboard cores of a maximum length of 1000, 1600 and 2000mm respectively.

Cutting speed: Maximum 70 cores cut per minute
Cardboard core diameters: 25-120mm as standard
12.5mm-25mm with special equipment
Material thickness: 0-10mm with standard knife
0-15mm with special knife and shield

Control Panel:

  • Predetermining counter for setting of the length of cardboard cores (increments of 1/10mm).
  • Predetermining counter for setting the number of cores to be cut (1-999 pieces).
  • Adjustment of the cutting time (0-9).

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