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NT 2x2 Twin Spindle Automatic Roll Slitter

Twin Spindle Automatic Roll Slitter

This high volume production tape slitter has 2 mandrels and two slitting blades controlled using a touch screen for entering the slit width and cutting parameters. Ideally suited to both small and large core tapes. Minimum slit width 0.4mm

This heavy duty, automatic roll slitter converts two rolls of material simultaneously using two mandrels and two slitting blades. Suitable for: Foams, double sided tapes, non-wovens, cloths, laminated materials, foils, rubber, paper and filmic tapes, glass fibre, polyethylene, PVC and coated materials.

Max Roll Width: 1600mm, other on request
Max Roll Diameter: 200mm on each shaft
Core Size: 75mm, other on request
Indexing Tolerance: +/- 0.1mm
Max Blade Diameter: 250mm

The NT 2x2 model uses a full colour touchscreen with product data storage for Automatic Setting of all slitting parameters as detailed below. Up to 100 cutting programs as standard.

  • Blade rotational speed
  • Material rotational speed
  • Cutting speed through the outer layers of the material
  • Cutting speed through the inner layers of the material.
  • Cutting speed through the core.
  • Blade status indicator either driven or free rotating for each cutting speed.
  • Width of cut. (max 4 widths per program)
  • Number of cuts per width.
  • Pause timer to cut through the core.
  • First and last cut positions relating to roll width.
  • Automatic setting of blade cutting positions to suit roll diameter. (Sibtec Option only)
  • Automatic Pivoting blade angle for each width and trims. (Option only)
  • Help pages displaying digital pictures and I/O displayed on screen.
  • Password Protection to limit access to changing the programs
  • Programs stored by name and number.
  • Modem Link for machine monitoring and fault finding.

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