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Minioffset Print Units

Printing units suitable for printing moving profiles. Use liquid ink and an indirect flexographic printing procedure in which contact with the substrate is made by a rubber roll that follows the type holder roll. They are suitable for printing tubes, small tubes and profiles of various kinds, with smooth or irregular surfaces (strapping).

As with the Miniflex printing units, Minioffset printing units can be passive, motorized or custom built to meet special requirements.

Minioffset 392
Max. printing width: 15 mm
Max. printing length: 471 mm
Max. printing speed: 70 m/min

Must specify substrate direction.  Features include minimum tube diameter of 4mm, pneumatic system for raising or lowering machine, ink distribution with doctor blade, ink feeding with 'monoblock' or with direct suction from the container by a pneumatic pump, and easily interchangeable type character and/or cliché mounting.
Minioffset 393
Max. printing width: 110 mm
Max. printing length: 460 mm
Max. printing speed: 200 m/min

Special offset machine for simultaneously printing multiple plastic straps. Features include tracking type drive, ink distribution with anilox ceramic roll and closed chamber, electro pneumatic control logic, and ink feeding from container by means of a pneumatic pump.

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