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Micro 1000 Dynamic Compensated Ultrasonic Edge Detection System

Dynamic Compensated Ultrasonic Edge Detection System

  • Detects all materials: paper, film, clear film, foil, metals and non-wovens.
  • Compact self contained IP66 control enclosure.
  • Automatically calibrates for environmental changes.
  • Controls linear actuators from 150 to 1500lbs of thrust.

The Micro 1000 was designed specifically for narrow web applications. It is suitable for narrow web applications up to 76" and unwind/winder applications up to 5,000 lbs. total weight on low coefficient of friction linear bearings. Although it is limited to smaller linear actuators, it has all of the patented features for dynamic ultrasonic compensation. The compact control enclosure is self contained - no extra boxes or drives are required.

Micro 1000 is also compatible with all the ultrasonic array edge detectors and the AccuBeam II digital line guide. The high performance Pulsed Width Modulator (PMW) motor drive delivers quick, accurate response.

The end result is that the Micro 1000 provides economical web guiding with digital accuracy, quicker response, and long-term reliability for less down time.

Optional software is available to perform guide point oscillation.

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