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MSP Sheeter


Sheet Length Range: 381-1400mm
Max. Line Speed: 308 m/min
Cutting Capability: 500 gsm
Sheet Length Accuracy: +/- 0.38mm
Squareness Accuracy: +/- 0.51mm

The MSP Sheeter is the ideal tool for converters wanting to maximize productivity and control product quality. The versatile MSP Sheeter offers high speed production, accurate squareness and sheet length, as well as quick set up whether running paper or board, and offers the following benefits:

Precision Sheeting Capabilities
Equipped with state-of-the-art electronic cutoff control, the MSP provides a sheet length accuracy of +/-0.38mm eliminating the need to guillotine trim. Sheet squareness can be set automatically and is within +/-0.51mm. For sheeting preprinted material, the MSP can be equipped with cut to register capabilities.

High Speed Production
With a maximum operating speed of 308 m/min, the MSP can keep pace with today's high speed presses. The MSP has the capacity to produce over 50,000 sheets during an hour.

Quick Set Up and Ease of Operation
Requiring only a single operator, the MSP's compact design requires minimal floorspace. Microprocessor controls enable size changeovers in less than 2 minutes.

Durability and Reliability
The MSP's durable design and rugged construction insures years of trouble-free performance. The sheeter's electrical drive system offers higher quality and less maintenance over mechanical cutter drives.

Auxiliary equipment options include rollstands, decurl units, slitter rigs, air washed doctor boards, reject gate, dust collectors, Airfoil Overlap, and counting and marking systems.

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