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MDK Dual Knife Sheeter

Dual Knife Sheeter

Max. Sheet Width: 1651mm
Sheet Length Range: 381-1651mm
Max. Line Speed: 396 m/min
Sheet Length Accuracy: +/- 0.254mm

The MDK Sheeter is designed for the converter or printer who demands the competitive advantage of dual knife rotary technology and the versatility of running light weight papers and heavy caliper board grades.

Dual Knife Rotary Technology
Using MAXSON's proven dual knife rotary cutter design, the MDK provides the cleanest, quietest and highest quality cutting action available. Its heavy knife loading capacity of 1000 grams/meter┬▓ provides the shearing power to meet the most demanding requirements.

High Speed Production
Outfitted with low inertia revolvers and MAXSON's advanced delivery and stacking systems, the MDK can reach speeds of 396 m/min. When outfitted with automatic splicers and pallet changing systems, the MDK can provide continuous operation without the loss of acceptable sheets.

Precision Sheeting Capabilities
Employing energy conserving AC drive technology and state of the art motion control technology, the MDK Sheeter maintains ┬▒ 0.254 mm sheet length accuracy. When outfitted with "cut-to-register" capability, the MDK can meet the most demanding requirements for sheeting preprinted material. Because the MDK's cross cutting blades match the web speed at time of cut, sheet squareness is assured.

Quick Set Up and Ease of Operation
With its compact footprint, the MDK requires nominal site work for installation and minimal floor space for operation. Size changes are completed in minutes. One operator can run the MDK; using a console that monitors production performance and annunciates the operating status of key sheeter components.

Options and Auxiliary Equipment
Includes roll stands, automatic splicers, web conditioning systems, splice detectors, dual slitting rigs, cut to register capabilities, automated reject gate, dust collecting systems, Airfoil Overlap, continuous run with automatic pallet changing and tag inserting.

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