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LOL 5 Fixed or Handheld Strobe

Fixed or Handheld Strobe

Illuminates areas up to 40 x 30cm.

Can be fixed to machinery or portable with optional handle/trigger kits.

Two maximum flash rates available:
LOL-5-60 100 flashes/second
LOL-5-120 200 flashes/second


  • Supplies the brightest, sharpest, most even inspection image of any light it's size.
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Extra long bulb life
  • Internal triggering with 10-turn high resolution control
  • UV absorbing lens for operational safety
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Even light distribution in a rectangular pattern. This is superior to circular spot strobes which cause 'hot spots' and need to be moved around to inspect the full web.
  • Australian power cord and manual in English
Options and accessories include:
  • 5-Digit LED flash rate display.
  • AC Kit with AC powered handle and 240V AC transformer.
  • Battery Kit with battery-powered trigger handle and charger.
  • Mounting assemblies - vertical swivel, horizontal swivel, articulating arm.
  • Cables to externally trigger LOL-5 from pulse or open collector signals.
  • UV kit to inspect UV coatings at full production speed
  • Intensity control input with 35% - 100% adjustment range.

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