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Intro-Slit Manual Roll Slitter

Manual Roll Slitter

Designed for a first time converter – simple to operate, space effective with integral unwind and slitting facility.

This is a compact manual slitting machine, which can also incorporate a winding facility as an option. This versatile model is aimed for the smaller converters/distributors who have a need for small volume slitting. The machine will effectively handle many different materials including: adhesive tapes, double and single sided, self adhesive vinyls, foils, application tape, filmic tape, pressure sensitive tape, foam, rubber, plastics and many other similar products.

Max Roll Width: 1600mm, other on request
Max Roll Diameter: 240mm
Core Size: 75mm, other on request
Indexing Tolerance: +/- 0.5mm
Max Blade Diameter: 300mm

  • Manual width setting using digital display.
  • Locking system for blade carriage when cutting through material.
  • Braked or rotating blade with lubricant wiper system.
  • Variable speed mandrel drive, adjustable via a potentiometer.
  • Simple controls, start, stop, Emergency stop.

Useful additional features:
1. Step & Repeat: This system automatically locks a stop in place to a preset width by the operator. Once moved to the stop it resets for the next cut.
2. Unwind Facility: Swing out unwind shaft for rolls 150kgs, 600mm diameter. Includes metre counter, pneumatic brake for tension control. This facility allows the machine to be run as a rewind machine or slitter. Jumbo rolls can be rewound to finished length, and then slit to width as orders come in, thus reducing levels of stock.

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