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Infrared Array Edge Detectors

Edge Detectors

AccuWeb's patent-pending digital infrared array edge detectors are designed for use with the Micro 1000 and Micro 4000 NET controllers. This is the first IR LED (light emitting diode) type edge detector to feature dynamic compensation for the ultimate in guiding stability and performance. Overlapping "beams" of infrared energy result in a continuous detection zone and allow remote guide point adjustment. This edge detector is ideal for light non-wovens, mesh, paper, opaque film and foil.

IR array edge detectors may be used alone for edge guiding or in pairs to guide relative to the material's centreline.

Dynamic Compensation

Dynamic compensation eliminates guide point drift due to variations in process contaminates, dust, and dirt. The dynamic compensation is continuous; no manual calibration is required. The IR Array's dynamic compensation circuitry is based on AccuWeb's compensated ultrasonic design that has been unmatched in performance and reliability for almost fifteen years. The basics of dynamic compensation are shown in Figure 2.

IR energy is emitted in two beams: The attenuation of the blockage beam indicates the position of the material in the edge detector, and the intensity of the reference beam indicates the degree to which the environment is affecting the blockage beam. The controller's microprocessor evaluates the two beam intensities to determine true web position. Like AccuWeb's ultrasonic array edge detectors, the compensation point moves with the guide point to provide robust calibration over the entire detection range. The moving compensation point also eliminates potential guide point drift due to localized contamination build up.


  • Resolution: 0.001" (0.025 mm)
  • Operating Temperature: 40 degrees to 150 degrees F (5 degrees to 65 degrees C)
  • Housing construction: anodized aluminium
  • Update rate: 4ms
  • Immune to passline variations
  • 18" pigtail cable with quick-disconnect connector
  • Unaffected by ambient light
  • Extended detection ranges in development
Figure 1: Centreline Guiding
Figure 2: Dynamic Compensation

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