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Grafisk Maskinfabrik

ETV-A Sheeter


The ETV-A is one of the most versatile label sheeters available on the market. The ETV-A supercedes the popular ETV series and incorporates several new features.

The ETV-A is available in two web widths: 330 mm and 515 mm. The guillotine cutter is also suitable for cutting heavy materials. The sheeter easily adjusts to cutting by interval, length or print marks with a resolution of 0.1 mm and an approximate accuracy of +/- 0.15 mm.

The ETV-A features:

  • User-friendly touchscreen display with current production updates.
  • Built-in 'window detector' allows for safer cutting and fault detection
  • Automatic register control adjusts for changes in sheeter speed.
  • Easy change-over from inline to offline operation

Optional equipment includes:

  • Print mark reader for cutting by print marks.
  • Length slitting knives (fixed), includes holders (razor blade type, max. 2 knives).
  • Length slitting knives (rotary top and bottom cutter, max. 6 knives).
  • Separate unwind stand to increase unwind diamater capacity to 1000 mm.

Cutting accuracy, approx: +/-0.15 mm
Max. web width: 330 or 515 mm
Min. web width: 30 mm
Max. sheet length: 9999 mm
Min. sheet length: 10 mm
Unwind mandrel diameter (sleeves): 40-180 mm
Max. unwind diameter: 800 mm
Max. unwind roll weight: 150 kgs

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