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Brampton Engineering

AquaFrost Complete Blown Film Systems

Complete Blown Film Systems

Brampton Engineering's water-quenched blown film line, the AquaFrost® system:

  • uses an AquaRing to quickly cool the molten polymer
  • operates at 26 lbs/hr/inch of die circumference (1.5 kg/hr/mm die diameter)
  • uses all the conventional components including extruders, SCD™ die, bubble stabilizers, oscillating haul-offs, winders, towers (substantially shorter than conventional blown film towers) and integrated control systems.
AquaFrost systems:
  • make commercial multilayer blown film at output rates that can match cast film
  • produce film that matches the clarity of cast film
  • maintain blown film properties such as balanced orientation
  • make thermoformable film.

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