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300NT Automatic Roll/Log Slitter

Automatic Roll/Log Slitter

This heavy duty, automatic roll slitter converts large rolls of material and slits without unwinding. Suitable for: Foams, Double Sided Tapes, Non-Wovens, Cloths, Laminated Materials, Foils, Rubber, Paper and Filmic Tapes, Glass Fibre, Polyethylene, PVC and Coated Materials.

  • Working widths: 1600, 1800, 2000mm
  • Max. roll diameter 300mm
  • Core size 25-125mm
  • Tolerance +/- 0.1mm (0.025mm with SIBTEC option)
  • PLC and Touchscreen control for automatic setting of cutting conditions: Grinder control, Blade speed, Mandrel speed, 3 Speed penetration, Multiple width per log, and Batch counter.
  • Twin sprayer system with wiper pads
  • Fully interlocked guarding
  • Fault diagnosis
  • Fast indexing for high production
  • All components available world-wide

Powered Mandrel Support
- Linked to automatic cycle
- Easy loading/unloading of materials

Automatic Grinder
- Linked to cutting program
- Ensures consistent slit quality through log/roll


  • SIBTEC high precision digital control system. No hydraulics. Faster machine and more accurate, quieter and cleaner option.
  • Automatic blade pivoting angle
  • Circular saw cutting/extraction system
  • Pneumatic chuck
  • Automatic roll loading/unloading system
  • Unlimited number of cutting programs
  • Multi-spindle machines
  • Other models upon request

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