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3) Tension and Torque Controllers


S4 Digital Tension Controller
Unwind or Rewind

Precise, Accurate, Consistent Tension Control in a compact modular unit. The S4 is THE EASIEST Controller in the industry to install, calibrate, and run while still offering a full range of advanced features.


U4 Open Loop/Diameter Based Tension Controller
Unwind or Rewind

Open-Loop Diameter Based Tension Control has evolved with all the NEW U4. The U4 brings advanced features (typically found only in closed-loop control systems) such as soft start, anti-coast, and taper tension, to open-loop tension control. Compatible with a variety of inputs the U4 ensures accurate tension control from full roll to core.


X-3400HD Tension Controller
Unwind, Intermediate (Nip), or Rewind

Combining the best of analog and digital capabilities with a range of tension control features makes the X-3400HD one the most advanced web tension controllers in the industry.

Capitalizing on the power & functionality of the CB-64 Circuit Board the X-3400HD gives you greater control while providing specific Unwind, Intermediate Zone, and Rewind features to ensure your process is as productive & profitable as possible.


DTI-3400HD Dancer Controller

The DTI-3400HD Dancer Tension Controller with Tension Indication brings precise, accurate, repeatable tension control to applications utilizing a dancer/rider arm. Combining industry leading technology and advanced functionality with clear and visible tension indication creates a performance driven, convenient, and easy to operate tension control system.


D-3400HD Dancer Controller

The D-3400HD brings industry leading technology, advanced functionality, and superior performance to dancer/rider arm applications to give you the control you require to produce profitable rolls every time.

"Progressive PID" circuitry regulates tension based on the dancer position and adjusts system gain based on roll diameter to provide a very responsive and stable system.

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