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2) Tension Clutches

C Series

C Series Clutch
Torque Range (in-lb): 0.44 - 1,200

C Series Clutches are engineered as a cost effective choice for light/medium duty applications requiring precise tension control at the rewind to produce maximum end roll profitability. Ideal for applications such as tag, label, film, slitter-rewinders, flexo printing, and non-wovens/textiles, C Series Tension Clutches feature a wide torque range & torque capacity to meet the specific needs of your application.

HPS Series

HPS Series Clutch
Torque Range (in-lb): 1.4 - 7,021

Scrap or Profit is finalized at the rewind. Maximize your profitability with the HPS Tension Clutch. HPS Tension Clutches give your greater performance and precise control at the rewind. The HPS is designed to meet the torque requirements of your application so that when your roll is done, you're counting profit, not loss.

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