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11) Accessories

Brake Safety Covers & Mounting Plates
Montalvo brake safety covers and brake mounting plates are designed to fit a wide range of Montalvo brakes including the V, C, CS, CD, Standard, HP & HPS Series. They are manufactured from quality materials, are easily installed and offer no compromise in workplace safety. Order them with a new system or separately to enhance an existing installation.
Electro-Pneumatic Converters
Montalvo offers serveral types of elctro-pneumatic converters.The Montalvo MPC-4ce shown here provides accurate, dependable conversion of a DC current signal into a proportional pneumatic output. Operating on a 4 to 20 milliamp input, no additional AC or DC power is required. The MPC-4ce has a high flow rate, providing the rapid response required for accurate control of a dancer or load cell tension control system. To simplify installation, "quick-disconnect" fittings are used for the pneumatic piping. Electrical connections are made to a standard DIN connector. The MPC-4ce is supplied with brackets for wall, panel or DIN rail mounting.
PDA Pneumatic Distribution Assembly
The Montalvo PDA valve allows direct remote control of brake cylinder operation. Brake cylinder modules can be controlled simultaneously through one unit. Brake operators can turn cylinders on and off from their control panels and thereby set brakes to run at different torques. Adjustments can be made remotely, relieving the operator of the task of removing the brake guard and working in an area that could be rotating and/or hot. The pneumatic actuation makes the system safe for explosion proof operating areas. Optional the PDA is available in a convenient round housing that mounts flush (PDAR).
Air Filters
Montavo offers serveral types of air filter systems capable of providing a clean, dry and oil free air supply to the most precise pneumatic instrument. Shown here is the Montalvo MAF-3 (5 micron water and 0.3 micron oil separating). NOTE: the use of this filter with other Montalvo products meets the warranty requirements and can increase the performance and service life of the I/P converter.

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