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1) Tension Brakes

 Single Disc Brakes
V Series

V Series Brakes
Torque Range (in-lb): 1.4 - 10,692

From bolt to disc to pad, the V-Brake is designed to increase your productivity. No other brake in the industry is as easy to install, operate, and maintain as the V-Brake. Maintaining your V-Brake takes only seconds with Montalvo's exclusive "snap-out, snap-in" brake pad changes.

The V-Brake meets the demands of your application. Performance & Productivity in perfect unison.

CS Series

CS Series Brakes
Torque Range (in-lb): 0.22 - 600

Ideal for light duty tension control applications, CS Brakes are the industry standard for cost effective, high performance unwind control. CS Tension Brakes install in just minutes so your application is up and running and experiencing the benefits of the CS immediately.

 Dual Disc Brakes
Standard Series

Standard Series Brakes
Torque Range (in-lb): 2.2 - 20,905

Having become synonymous as the Industry Standard in web tension control unwind brakes, the Montalvo Standard Brake is the original pneumatic dual disc air cooled brake. The Standard Brake unleashed a game changing innovation on the industry over 60 years ago bringing never before seen performance, control, heat dissipation, and ease of ownership.

HP Series

HP Series Brakes
Torque Range (in-lb): 2.2 - 51,120

High Performance Tension Control Brakes. Montalvo’s HP Tension Brakes take Montalvo’s industry innovative Standard Brake and adds more torque capacity, greater heat dissipation, and enhanced performance. HP Tension Brakes provide superior heat dissipation through a patented fin design giving you ultimate control at the unwind.

CD Series

CD Series Brakes
Torque Range (in-lb): 0.44 - 2,608

Engineered to provide ultimate unwind control, CD Series Tension Brakes have become the premier choice for new machines, or as a retrofit/upgrade in ultra light to medium duty applications. Quick and easy installation, combined with low maintenance and a wide torque range gives you greater versatility and increased productivity.

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